Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey is a brand consultant and fashion writer. Her focus is on how we move forward as consumers so that we shop with a greater awareness of the impact our purchasing power has on the environment.

As a private client stylist she promotes the notion of 'Buy Fewer, Buy Better'. She worked for 12 years at British Vogue, and now has a column in The Sunday Telegraph, 'Dressing for Britain'.

Ginnie's Edit

Ginnie's edit features some adorable wooden pieces for the kids and some absolute summer lifestyle essentials. 
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Q & A

What’s the most meaningful gift you’ve ever received?
My Love Letter ring from my husband, designed by Jessica McCormack.

What’s the worst/funniest gift you’ve ever received?
We agreed Easter presents beginning with E. I bought my husband tickets on the Eurostar to Paris. He bought me an electric toothbrush.

What’s your go-to last minute present choice?
Aesop Post-Poo drops - we all love them don't we?!

What’s the greatest gift that money can’t buy?

Money’s no object - what’s the first thing on your wish list? 
3 weeks (yes, 3) at an Aman Resort - literally anywhere in the world. Or a Loro Piano coat. (....I think about this a lot!)

Kids Backpack

I always seem to end up carrying my children's rucksacks because they complain they are too heavy. This style is actually adapted to a smaller back so there can be no excuse!

Pebble Leather

When I write my column I jot so many things down, and it has to be written. I could never take notes on my phone!

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