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With half a million dedicated Instagram followers Lucy Williams is a revered voice for fashion devotees globally. Her enviable, effortless looking style, beauty and travel shots provide a perfect dose of lockdown scrolling escapism as well as some ever chic new look inspiration. We talked all things gifting with her, from dodgy drones to coveted armchairs.

Check out the full interview and a selection of her Not Another Bill favourites below.

Q & A

What do you enjoy most about buying a gift for someone? 
I actually really enjoy racking my brains for the perfect thing and imagining their reaction when opening it. I just hate having to wait when you know you’ve found something great!

What is the most meaningful gift you’ve ever received?
My boyfriend organised my first ever surprise birthday party for me last year which was really special, especially as it ended up being one of the last big occasions before lockdown struck.

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What’s the worst you’ve ever received?
We have an in-joke that I have to be very careful what I casually mention in front of my boyfriend after he bought me a drone one birthday thanks to a casual remark to someone at a hotel. Sadly the drone ended up on eBay to find a better home and I’m more careful about what I mention in passing!

How do you like making your gifts extra-special?
I like making a bundle that all works together like a bottle of something if you’re gifting glassware or some pillow spray with a silk eye mask.

What’s the greatest gift that money can’t buy?

Money’s no object - what’s the first thing on your list?
Well I’m renovating a house at the moment so I should probably say plumbing and new electrics but I’m going to have to say a Philip Arctander Clam chair. It’s my ultimate win-the-lottery piece of furniture. 

If you could send a gift to anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you give them?
If the budget was limitless, I’d love to send my dad an Amalgam 1970s F1 model car for him to build. His dream lockdown project!

Describe your perfect date night at home…
Margaritas, Mario Kart and Pasteis de Nata.

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