Your Covered

Simply choose your desired phone size and get creative with our 'paint' personalisation. When your phone is wearing one of our clear TPU cases, it's protected from those unexpected drops and knocks with extra padding on all four corners. 

Paint It

Whether it's your initials, an important date or a witty nickname, dive in and design your very own personalised phone clear case. Choose between our wide range of bespoke fonts in addition to multiple colour combinations for each typeface. The possibilities are endless.

Colour Combinations

Our cross-body ropes are available in a range of eye-catching colours to match your style. Adjust to the desired length, and look forward to never leaving your phone in the back of the uber or smashing your screen again.

Free Your Hands

Free your hands and never miss a moment with our stylish iPhone straps. No more digging around in your bag or pockets to answer that important call, with the cross body strap your phone is always just there. Available multiple stylish colours.

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