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Let the party stop

For our 'Tequila Cactus Hamper' We wanted to curate a set of objects that would bring joy in both short and long term. When you crack open the mezcal, any party is sure to get going straight away: whilst the cacti will be a permanent memento to that fiesta feeling. 

The esquisite

For years tequila connoisseurs have praised Clase Azul 'Reposado' for its superior taste. 'Reposado' translates to "rested" or "calm", to reflect the eight-month distillation process that is undertaken by Clase Azul.

Each bottle is made with high quality white ceramic and then hand-painted by a dedicated team of artisans. These iconic bottles embody the brand's ethos of attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Opening your

What really sets our hampers apart is the unique way in which you open them. Sealed in a beautiful plywood crate, the lucky recipient will need to use a mini crow bar crafted from 18ct gold to prise open the crate and reveal the wonders it has to offer.

hand made
in southern italy

For the cactus we worked with a small ceramics factory in southern Italy to produce these standout ornaments. Intended to decorate your home or mantelpiece, each cactus is hand-made made for that truly bespoke feeling. 

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