Father's Day

Who's Your Daddy?

The Man of the Match. Whether he’s acing serves on the tennis court, rolling the dice in a high-stakes backgammon game, or winning the bar tab at the pub quiz, he’s always in the spotlight. Packed with energy and competitive spirit, he’s the one you want on your team. So, for the dad who thrives on the thrill of victory, our selection of gifts is a surefire win.

Introducing ‘The Connoisseur’: the dad who’s all about the finer things in life. His idea of a dinner party? Quality wines, a good debate and strictly vinyl-only soundtrack. He knows his Merlot from his Malbec, and only reads the classics. Pairing eccentricity with charm, he’s a unique character. But hey, that’s why we love him.

Daddy (quite) Cool is in the house. Picture him sipping natural wine, munching on Perello olives, AirPods in, shades on, effortlessly cool. Loves a tote, and gets our vote. For the dad who’s always ahead of the curve, our Daddy Cool edit is the ultimate choice.

Often found in the garden chatting to his hydrangeas, or tending to the bonfire like it’s an Olympic torch; this guy likes all family meals al fresco, come rain or shine. A naturalist at heart, here is our selection of gifts for the ‘outdoorsy dads’.

Meet Big Daddy, the epitome of “go big or go home.” From the boardroom to board games at home, this dad knows how to make his mark. With more air miles than Taylor Swift, his passport is never out of reach. Like a cream egg, he’s hard on the outside but a big softie inside. So, for the dad who commands attention wherever he goes, our Big Daddy edit is the perfect fit.