Black Lines Cocktails


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  • Available in 4 delicious cocktail flavours
  • An East London based company
  • Available in 500ml and 750ml sizes

Introducing Black Lines Cocktails, an East London-based, contemporary bottled cocktail company.

In 5 deliciously refreshing cocktails, choose from the Negroni, Pear & White Tea Fizz, Elderflower Collins, Paloma, Spicy Tommy's Margarita & Espresso Martini for a luxurious tipple.

Collaborating with 8 emerging artists to create beautifully designed packaging, Black Lines has worked endlessly to create cocktails that speak for themselves. With a forward focus of quality, and an ambition to make fantastic cocktails accessible to more people in more locations.

Pear & White
Tea Fizz

This one is one of Black Lines' own - a Black Lines signature serve. The Pear & White Tea Fizz spent 6 careful months in development after a summer weekend filled with iced teas and muddled pear lollies.


Café Casoni, Florence, Italy, 1919. Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to strengthen his favourite cocktail, ’The Americano’, by replacing the soda with Gin. Adding an orange slice to signify the new drink, the Negroni was born.


This serve is a riff on a classic Tom Collins, named after a practical joke that spread across New York in 1874. New Yorkers would tell their friends that a man named ‘Tom Collins’ had been heard speaking rudely about them in a particular bar. When they went to the bar to confront him and asked for ‘Tom Collins,’ they instead received a sour cocktail of Gin, lemon and soda.

Spicy Tommy's

The origins of the classic Margarita, meaning ‘daisy flower’ in Spanish, are difficult to trace but there is no debate about who created the infamous Tommy’s Margarita. Tommy’s Restaurant, San Francisco, 1988 - the self-proclaimed “premier tequila bar on earth”. Julio Bermejo, son of Tommy replaced the Triple Sec in the classic serve with the natural honeyed flavour of Agave and the rest, as they say, was history.

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